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Flamenco Dreams Show

Flamenco Dreams Show
Experience authentic flamenco dancing in one of the most emblematic places in Seville: The Flamenco Dance Museum.

Artists from the Ballet Cristina Hoyos will show their strength, elegance and passion in a unique setting surrounded by an 18th century Andalusian patio, where the ruins of an ancient Roman temple breathe history.

In each performance our "family" of artists conquer the stage to display all their passion, effort and mastery in the different styles of flamenco. Each one of them represents a feeling, and you can see Alegrías with bata de cola and shawls, Fandangos with castanets, Guajira of Cuban origin with fans, a solemn Soleá, a tragic Taranto, a sensual Tangos or a fiesta por Bulerías... all of them choreographed by the legendary dancer and choreographer, founder of the museum: Cristina Hoyos.

The artists provide the sparkle with live music, theatrical lighting, excellent sound and a scenery of hanging orange trees, a real treasure where every night the "duende" appears! That "feeling" that flamenco knows how to provoke. An unforgettable experience where flamenco is art.

Tip: Combined tickets for the Flamenco Show and visit to the Flamenco Dance Museum double the experience!

Combined tickets: Visits to the museum can be made every day, at any time, from 11:00 to 18:00 (last entrance at 18:00). *Attention, on the first Monday of the month the museum will open its doors at 16:00.

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